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Sales Control Plan Management is the ultimate resource for sales intelligence.  It is a management and training resource that provides sales leaders, and their salesforce with everything they need to manage, train, onboard, and increase sales.  It is time to make real-time solutions in real-time.

Expert Instruction

30+ years in sales experience went into developing this training

Result Oriented Training

Everything we train on is designed to improve your results and increase efficiency

Adoption Support

Genuine adoption is the difference between sustainable results and the traditional sales training hype

Simple, Powerful, Effective

Affordable Training Options

As a leader we want those around us to be successful. It reflects well on our own efforts, but more importantly, it reflects well on the organization. Sales Training is an excellent way of building relationships and supporting your team with all the necessary resources and tools that they require to succeed and advance their sales career. You can easily create goodwill within the team while simultaneously creating increased accountability.

Sales managers are in the dark when it comes to seeing where the opportunities are in the organization’s pipeline, especially in real time. Imagine if you were able to see exactly where every opportunity is at any given time. We have all experienced those long-winded sales stories that still did not add up to a closed sale. Let us help you change the narrative for your team.


The Right Training Brings The Right Results

Sales Waste Assessment

Our team specializes in helping sales professionals dramatically reduce sales waste and increasing sales revenue through direct sales control plans.

Adoption Support

Edward Henry Company provides innovation and improvements in methodology, which set a standard in selling, management, and adoption that no other company has managed to practice. We offer adoption
support, and our signature training programs that also provide the details you need for continuous management and development through sales process adoption.

CRM Optimization

If you are not working with a CRM, you are more than likely working five times as hard to stay organized, and we can guarantee that you are missing opportunities and creating massive sales waste. We will ensure
that you diminish any sales waste through consistent CRM optimization.

Sales Operations Resources & Reference

You have access to Sales Forecasting, Sales Performance Management, Sales meetings, Handbook recommendations, and Communication.

Traing & Adoption

As the world changes around us, so has the way we learn and grow our skills. With a Sales Manual that aligns with your company’s vision and culture, and Edward Henry Company’s successful adoption system, your sales force will have access to the most innovative and simplified training.

Sales Control Plan

There are so many elements to manage when it comes to supervising a sales force. Sales Control Plan helps you to work with transparent metrics that help you to clearly see everything in your entire pipeline. There has never been a better management system that integrates with all brands of CRM to provide the highest level of accountability and sales intelligence throughout the entire sales force.


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